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Some poses such as easy posture or lotus are practiced at the start or end of a yoga class. Sitting with legs crossed or folded puts slight pressure on the lower spine. This relaxes the nervous system, preparing body and mind for long periods of sitting still.

Pre-mediation poses such as butterfly and prepare the body for mediation by gently stretching knees and opening the hips. When combined with a backbend or twist, seated poses have a powerful effect on the body, improving the flow of energy from the base of the spine to the crown of the head and releasing muscular knots in shoulders and neck. Cow-faced pose and half-spinal twist are most often used for this purpose.

On this page, you will find links to articles for teaching and practicing seated poses. Each article includes instructions, a list of benefits, modifications and variations. Although, these are intended for certified instructors of yoga, beginner yogis will also find them useful.

Four Limbed Staff Pose

From plank position, ensure that the hands are lined up with the shoulders and just slightly wide...

Plank Pose

Begin from hands and knees.  Line up the palms just slightly wider than shoulder distance apart a...

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