What everyone is saying!

  • Just wanted to let you all know that I am LOVING all the improvements and changes to this site. The newsletters, the categories and departments, the teacher resources. All of it is so GREAT!!

    Thank you for all your help and support.

  • Yoga Class Plans have been a wonderful way to create class routines. I love how fast and easy you can create plans, or change the existing plans. I am a very visual person so, the pictures are great. You can look at the picture sequence quickly and you know what’s coming next. I also greatly appreciate the tech support, they respond very quickly and have been extremely helpful. I would recommend this site to anyone who teaches Yoga or just wants to create routines for themselves at home. I will continue to utilize the Yoga Class Plans Personally and Professionally.

  • I LOVE the site – it has been so helpful to me as a new yoga teacher to feel prepared and structured and confident enough to be creative in my classes and not forget about all the cool things I had planned in the heat of the moment!

  • I have been pimping your Yoga Class Plan to everyone in my training. They all have been struggling with creating lesson plans and drawing out stick figures and were jealous of my very professional looking lessons plans 🙂 Thank you and so far I am loving the Yoga Class Plan software…it has been making my training so much easier for my homework.

  • As a practicing Yogi of 20+ years and now as a new Yoga Teacher, I find the Yoga Class Plan simply brilliant ! It’s fabulously convenient to have access to a software that standardizes class plans, yet allows a teacher to carefully sequence each class as he/she wishes. The icons are clear and recognizable and the optics of the class plans are clean and uncluttered! Much better than writing ( in my case scrawling!) a sequence by hand. Thanks for a great product…at such a reasonable price!.

  • As a new yoga instructor, Yoga Class Plan has been a wonderful resource. It’s quick and easy way to create a unique plan for each class. Plans can be saved and modified at a later date. The ability to search other class plans is a great resource for new tips and ideas. The service team is quick and responsive, and the price can’t be beat!

  • Dear Creators of Yoga Classplan, Thank you so much for creating such a great yoga class planning tool. I was raised in a yoga ashram in Hawaii with both of my parents teaching and doing a whole lot of yoga. Needless to say I grew up with yoga as a centering force in my life. I am now a mother of two young children and continue to find balance and strength through my yoga practice and teaching. That being said, I do not have much spare time for my yoga class plans. Yet each time I teach a yoga class or attend a class I think of a new sequence or pose that I would like to incorporate into my next class. I love that I can quickly log into yoga class plan and easily alter an existing plan or create an entirely new plan for my next class in just a few minutes. While I am teaching my yoga class, I can take a quick glance down at my class plan and be reminded of which poses and sequences I will be doing next. It is also great that I can add my own notes to different poses in my plan so that I am reminded of what things I want to emphasize in each pose. I also really love that I can look at other teachers class plans and build off their sequences. My yoga teaching continues to improve and transform with each class that I teach thanks to Yoga ClassPlan. Thank you so much for creating this amazingly useful and user friendly yoga software.

  • Yoga Class Plan has been invaluable to me in planning my yoga classes. Since I teach different levels of yoga and have varying class lengths, I was able to use the website to plan my own classes as well as using plans created by other teachers. I would highly recommend website to any yoga teacher, especially those new to teaching.

  • I like having a site where I can organize and save lessons; it’s a relief to know that I can make and modify plans easily, but what I like most is having them easily accessible – no more searching for things only to discover that my plan has to be modified or that I have to start from scratch. No more wondering where in the world I filed something is a great relief, too.

  • This product is a must have for new teachers. It allows you to easily create your own classes and then track each class. It makes for easy class planning and saves so much time. Enjoy…

  • As a yoga teacher who was always guilty of writing classes on paper, in notebooks, and generally making notes of good postures and vinyasa I have found the yoga class planner to be a great help. After a short time to get used to the application I have found myself enjoying building myself a database of classes and personal posture notes. I also find it allows me to provide students with a print out of the class including transitions, adaptations & modifications to enable and encourage home practice. For teaching one to one it allows me to provide a professional looking plan rather than my own stick men! This has been a fun and useful way to not only provide myself with class plans to teach from but also to create a database of ideas, favorite vinyasa flows and individual student plans.

  • Really enjoying the program. It makes writing classes so much easier. Being a very visual person, I can see the flow of the class as I compose it.

  • I have been using Yoga Class Plan for several months now and find it to be extremely beneficial and very easy to use. The video tutorials are interesting and informative, and the whole site is simple and yet very effective. I have taught yoga to children for 4 years and now that I’m venturing into adult teaching too, I will certainly be using the site to plan my classes.

  • YogaClassPlan is an excellent online tool for planning, creating and storing yoga class plans. I received my 200-hour certification in 2012 and, as a new teacher, I have found YogaClassPlan invaluable in helping me develop fresh, creative sequences for various styles and levels of classes. Before I found YogaClassPlan, I had a pile of handwritten class plans that were very difficult to find later to refer back to or revise. Now, all my classes are archived online and available to me at any time. YogaClassPlan is user-friendly and a great resource for all yoga teachers!

  • I have been using YogaClassPlan for a couple of years now, and really appreciate the depth and yet, simplicity, of the program. As a yoga teacher, I find that the class plans allow me to lay out complex and lengthy asana practices that I am able to teach comfortably-thanks to the visual component of the planner. The user-friendly software enables me to quickly design and visualize my classes, which frees up time to develop more ideas and themes. I particularly appreciate the timely and effective support I get with my questions or requests. Yoga Class Planner helps me to tune into what really matters- my students!