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Yoga Clothes “Top” Retail Sales Again

October 26, 2011 | 2 min read
Reasons Yoga Students May Not Heal

Do you just love, love, love Lululemon? Or do you prefer the Nike swoosh on all of your fitness apparel? Or do you go for discount yoga gear or whatever falls out of your closet?

With the news that Athleta (which is owned by The Gap) is hot on the heels of Lululemon in the seemingly recession-proof yoga gear market, I wonder how many pairs of $100 wicking yoga pants and $60 structured yoga tops we need? Do you feel better when you are yoga dressed to impressed or do old gym shorts and t-shirts work just as well for you?

I think Lululemon has done an amazing job of marketing a lifestyle (with its catchy slogans and ads, free yoga classes and cute tanks in 79 different happy colors), and I appreciate that Athleta now offers free shipping on orders of $50 and more, but I also wonder if some people feel priced out of yoga – with memberships, mats, clothes and more.

What trends are you seeing in yoga wear and gear? Do you feel that you always have to dress to impress? How much of your paycheck do you spend on more yoga? And does all this make you want to say “Namaste” or “no way”?

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