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Simple tips to stay motivated as a Yoga teacher

March 28, 2016 | 4 min read

As a Yoga teacher you’ve poured yourself into teaching great classes, given your best into planning those classes and infused new techniques – breathing, meditation and even chanting. Sometimes you’ve put together a great playlist, taught a class which had fantastic energy and seen your students bliss out during Shavasana. But after having used every rule in the book, it’s sometimes natural for you to run out of motivation.

Teaching Yoga is a profession born out of a passion for movement, marrying breathing and a love for a holistic living. Every Yoga Teacher has been touched by the magic of Yoga and has made the choice to pay this forward, by inspiring others. Hence, it is a requisite to be motivated 24/7 by your passion-Yoga.

Moreover, Yoga teachers are humans and it is a natural tendency to lose steam after having taught classes’ day in and day out. How do you constantly keep yourself motivated, keep your students inspired and returning to your classes time after time? Well, we’ve put together a very easy re-set list, which will have you brimming with new energy in no time. Most importantly, ensure that you’re back to teaching Yoga with  enthusiasm.

Practice makes perfect

We’ve heard famous Yoga guru’s Pattabhi Jois and BKS Iyengar stress on the importance of Yoga teachers having a strong practice. All teachers start out having dedicated daily practices, but at times poor time management leads you to spend less time on the mat. So get back to your mat and practice, go back to the earliest lessons you have learnt. Start making time for your daily practice and that simple step will motivate you to teach your next class.

Take a class

One of the best ways Yoga teachers can stay motivated is by taking a different class with a different teacher or a different style.  Approach these classes as a student/practitioner than as a teacher and open yourself to imbibing the inspiration. Make it a habit to plan these classes into your monthly schedule. Not only is this an investment to your profile as a teacher, but also a useful tool for your own personal growth.

Creating a theme for you classes

Mix things up from your regular routine of Vinyasa Flow or Hatha Yoga class and throw in a theme. There are plenty of themes you can choose from, such as – hip openers, back bending, chakra themes, seasonal themes – spring, summer, winter & fall and themes around gratitude, love & reflection. The choice of themes are endless. Let your creative juices flow and chose a different theme to create your future classes.

Take a certification course

Go back to being a student again. There is always a new technique, new style, or an innovation in the world of Yoga. Get curious, read up and take that course to learn and become inspired again. Use the knowledge from your new course to help you create new classes.

Try a new fitness trend

Here’s a secret from some of the most creative Yoga Teacher’s – they try every new fitness fad, be it Zumba, Plilates, HIIT, Spinning or even Crossfit. Every form of fitness infuses new energy and you learn something new about the core idea behind that form of fitness. Experiment and maybe through this you could be the one to invent the next new style of fusion Yoga

Hit pause

At times, lack of motivation may simply be exhaustion. Maybe you’ve been working too much by teaching way too many classes in a week. This strain can become evident when you run out of motivation and you may need to take a break from teaching your full weekly schedule. Ask a good substitute teacher to step in for you and get away. Maybe a mini break with no things Yoga can help you refuel on motivation.

Motivational apps

Turn to technology for help . Use Pinterest for Yoga inspiration, yoga quotes and many articles. Create your own board and have your class ideas stored through pins.  Install apps on your phone such as daily inspirational /motivational quotes. Pick a quote that you resonate with and share it with your Yoga students.

As a Yoga teacher, you have an important role to inspire your students to reach their fullest potential as Yogi’s.  Teaching any class without being motivated will show very easily and can make your students demotivated. So stay inspired and motivated because only then can you inspire and motivate.

Adithi Mathews is a 500 Hr CYT,yoga practitioner and writer living in Germany. 

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