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New Features Update in Yoga Class Plan

March 7, 2017 | 2 min read

What’s new in Yoga Class Plan? In one word – plenty!

We’ve received some great feedback from you and we have been working hard to ensure that Yoga Class Plan is more user friendly, feature rich and a more fun application to work with.

Here’s what’s new –


You can now copy/paste a pose from one location on the canvas to any other. To activate, place your mouse pointer in the center of the pose and right click – as you would normally do to edit pose properties.  A menu will appear with the new copy or cut options.  And to paste the pose, simply right click on another pose you wish to place the copied pose before or after.

How to Copy and Paste Instructions
How to Copy and Paste Instructions

It was already possible to copy and paste instruction and transition comments using regular keyboard shortcuts (as described here). But in addition, it is now also possible to copy/paste these comments using the mouse/click gestures. To activate, select the text you wish to copy and right-click. Select copy. Now you can paste those comments into another pose using the same right-click.

(If you have any issues with the right-click on a Mac, you may want to check out these instructions)

Language Options in YCP
Updated Language Options in YCP

Did you know that you can use the application in Spanish or Dutch language as well? And on a related note, we’ve recently improved the Spanish translation based on your feedback. For more information on how to set your language, you can check out this article.

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