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5 Ways to Add Meditation To Your Yoga Class

November 14, 2017 | 4 min read
5 Ways to Add Meditation To Your Yoga Class

Let’s face it, many students aren’t itching to practice meditation during a yoga practice, if at all. It can even be difficult to get people to simply stay on their mats through savasana. However, meditation is a much-needed aspect and an essential part of the path of yoga.

With a few simple tips and tricks, you can seamlessly add meditation to your yoga classes in a way that is meaningful and makes sense to your students.

Meditation is a perfect addition to the end of any class but it can also be a great way to begin your yoga classes as well.

Let’s take a look at five tips to help you successfully add meditation to your yoga classes.

Keep It Short and Simple

So many people these days have such short attention spans. While your longer meditations may feel amazing for you, to the average student even just five minutes can be agonizing. It is hard for many to truly sit in stillness and that is why it is essential to stick to short duration meditations for your classes.

Stick with five-minute timelines on your meditations and watch the demeanour of your students change almost instantly. As far as keeping them simple, it really is better to have a simple meditation that everyone can understand versus a more complicated style of meditation.

Introduce Meditation In a Unique Way

One of the easiest ways to get people to meditate without realizing it is to split your meditation time up into two parts. Start your class with a basic short seated meditation, flow through the asana practice, and then close your class post-savasana with a brief seated meditation. Utilizing this structure will actually allow your students to notice the change in their state of mind over the course of their practice.

Make Certain Asanas Meditation Moments

While the beginning and end of class are perfect times to meditate, never underestimate the power of meditation during a pose. Especially if you teach Yin or Restorative practices, you can have students focus on a specific meditation during a single posture. Afterall, meditation is just about finding a mental focus.

Explain The Benefits of Meditation and The Difficulties

Meditation is hard for most people, that is why it is best, to be honest with your students. Most people think that meditation is about stopping the mind from thinking at all. When in fact meditation is all about bringing a deeper focus to some aspect depending on the style of meditation.

Be realistic with your students. Let them know that these practices are hard but that their benefits far outweigh their difficulties. Also express to them that much like styles of yoga, not every style of meditation is for everyone. Encourage them to seek out various types of meditation to find what works best for them.

When students understand that their reward not only affects them on their mats but carries great insight and wisdom that they can take off of their mat, they may be more receptive to what you are trying to accomplish.

Use A Script

Whether you write it yourself or find a great script from a meditation teacher online, there are thousands of incredible scripts that you can use to teach a flawless meditation. There is no harm in using a tried and tested meditation script to lull your students into a meditated bliss.

Meditation is for everyone and with a knowledgeable and confident teacher, students will benefit from even the briefest of meditations. Take these tips and utilize them in your classes and watch your students become master meditators in no time!


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