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Sphinx Pose /Salamba Bhujangasana


Naraviralasana is the infant of backbends. It can be practiced with either an active or passive approach. This yoga posture is great for relieving low back pain, hamstring tension, and circulation in the legs and hips.  Although the posture looks easy, students should take care not to use extreme force in extending the neck and head towards the back, but expect to engage the thighs and other muscles and joints.

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Visualization Comments

Lying on the stomach, both legs are energized; keep the top of both feet firmly on the mat, and knees contracted. Slowly lift the chest, forearms slide forward, and both palms down on the mat. Hold the neck and head in a neutral position, soften the gaze.

Technical Comments

While resting in this position, inhale and exhale slowly. Take 6 to 8 deep breaths.

Benefit Comments

  • Strengthen thighs and core muscles
  • Opens the chest
  • Improves sciatica and paralysis in the legs
  • Improves blood circulation in the hip joints
  • Relieve back pain

Watch Out For:

  • Straining lower back
  • Pelvis not tilted
  • Rooting hips and feet down


  • Sciatic nerve
  • Disc Disease
  • Scoliosis


  • Use folded blanket and place on mat, then lay down on it
  • Rotate legs inward



Yoga Counter Poses

  • Simple twists
  • Seated forward bends
  • Locust Poses A and B – Salabhasana A and B
  • Hip openers

Written By: Dr. Minta Davis

Minta Davis is a certified yoga teacher, and enjoys sharing information and practicing yoga with her students from various age groups and capabilities.

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