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Lotus Peacock Pose

Padma Mayurasana



Lotus Peacock Pose is an advanced inversion that combines an arm balance with a hip opener. The Lotus Pose is your classic posture which is a seated cross-legged pose. Lotus Peacock Pose many benefits include stimulating the elimination of toxins and improving circulation. Lotus Peacock Pose should be practiced at the end of practice, just before savasana and after all other inversions.

Begin in a seated lotus position with the right leg folded on top. Stand onto the knees and bring the palms flat onto the floor in front of the body with the fingers pointing backwards towards the knees. Bend the elbows and bring them to touch. Lean the torso forward and place the elbows on either side of the abdomen. Tip further forward to bring the chest onto the upper arms. Shift your weight slightly more forward, bringing the knees off the floor. Stretch the thighs straight back, so the torso, head and legs are in one line.  Lift the head and bring the eye gaze forward. Remain in the pose for several breaths. To exit the pose, Bring the knees to the floor and walk the hands back to the start position. Unfold the legs and refold with the left leg on top. Repeat.



Instead of struggling with the concept of bringing the lower body off the floor, imagine, pressing the ground away from you with the hands.


Before lifting the knees and legs, check the elbows are bent and touching. The elbows should press into the sides of the abdomen, the chest sides rest onto the upper arms. To lift, bring the chest forward, leading with the sternum, eye gaze forward and head lifted. Find your balancing point, and then stretch the thighs back, bringing torso and legs level with the floor. Keep squeezing the elbows together.

  • Strengthens forearms, wrists and elbows
  • Improves flexibility in knees, hips and ankles
  • Stimulates the elimination of toxins
  • Massages digestive system
  • Invigorates circulation
  • Develops balance and focus
  • Collapsing arms; use strap
  • Legs slipping out of lotus; cross the legs
  • Ulcers
  • High blood pressure
  • Knee, back or neck injuries
  • Pregnancy
  • Sciatica
  • Place head on floor or block
  • Crossed legs in place of lotus
  • With legs extended as for peacock pose
  • With forearms on the floor

Corpse Pose (Savasana)

Written By: Brenda Hamlet

Brenda Hamlet is a RYT 200 yoga teacher and journalist. More information about Brenda can be found at https://www.facebook.com/brendahamletyoga


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