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Goddess pose Utkata Konasnana


Goddess pose is a wide standing squat that opens the hips and chest while toning the entire body. This pose is a favourite of pregnancy yoga teachers, as this pose stretches the inner thighs, groins and hips. It is also known as fiery angle pose for it powerful energising benefits.

Begin from Mountain pose. Step the feet apart to twice the width of the hips pointing the toes out 45°. Bend deeply at the hips bringing the knees out over the toes. Rotate the hips, and inner thighs outward, sinking deeper into the squat. Place the hands on the knees and lift the waist out of the hips, lengthening the spine. Press the hands wide on the knee and draw the tailbone down. Pull the glutes towards each other and exhale to squat deeper. To finish the pose, bring hands into prayer. To exit the pose, release the hands, straighten the legs and step or jump feet together, returning to Mountain pose.

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Visualization Comments

To connect with your inner goddess, externally rotate inner thighs and lift up from the pelvic floor. Imagine drawing energy from the pubis, up through length of spine to head crown.

Technical Comments

Ground foot soles, sink down into hips to squat, bringing knees above toes. Do not let knees drop or go over toes.

Benefit Comments

  • Stretches hips, groin and chest
  • Tones and strengthens core muscles
  • Strengthens quads and inner thighs
  • Tones upper back
  • Creates more room in the pelvis are in preparation for childbirth
  • Improves digestion, elimination and circulation

Watch Out For:

  • Loss of balance; practice on chair
  • Twisting knee; practice against a wall


  • Hips, knee and shoulder injuries


  • Use cactus arms
  • Practice sitting astride a chair
  • Practice leaning against a wall


  • Practice on tiptoes
  • Place palms on thighs
  • Bring hands to hips

Yoga Counter Poses

  • Mountain pose (Tadasana)
  • Standing forward bend (Paschimothanasana)
  • Downward facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Written By: Brenda Hamlet

Brenda Hamlet is a RYT 200 yoga teacher and journalist. More information about Brenda can be found at

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