10 ways to earn money as a yoga teacher. Teaching yoga can be incredibly fulfilling, while it is a fulfilling profession it can often times not fill the bank when you first get started! While you can make a living as a yoga teacher after some time, it can be rather shocking how little you may make at first. Just because you may make a little less at first doesn’t mean you can’t successfully teach as a career, you just have to get a little creative! Here are 10 ways to earn money as a yoga teacher.

1. Private Lessons

Whether you have just finished teacher training or you have been teaching for years, private lessons are the place to make more money. Whenever teaching comes up you can always extend the offer and benefits of private lessons to anyone willing to listen. It is helpful to have a business card to hand out in this case. Private lessons can be taught in your own home or in the clients home. You can also teach private lessons at studios, but this often requires a rental rate which will eat up a portion of your profits.

2. Workshops

You can only teach so much over the course of a 60 or 75-minute yoga class. You can also only get paid so much for teaching daily classes. This is where workshops come into play. You can teach workshops on nearly any aspect of yoga from movement and asana focused on meditation or subtle body topics. Workshops are typically split with studios 70% to the teacher and 30% to the studio for using the space. You can also rent your own space to host your workshops in. Workshops allow you to be creative and to express more of who you are as a teacher and what you believe in. They also offer you the opportunity to access a higher income at regular intervals throughout the years. With a number of ways to set them up from just a few hours to a full weekend, workshops provide teachers with the best way to earn more income.

3. Skype/Online Lessons

The internet is an amazing place. Similar to private lessons you can utilize programs like Skype to host online private or group sessions. While the price of these may be lower than an in-person private lesson, you can still charge a good amount for your time and knowledge. This is a great option if you travel frequently or have clients who travel frequently. All that you need to make these online lessons happen are a computer and a reliable internet connection. Having a website to drive traffic to your online offerings is also a smart idea.

4. Corporate Yoga Classes

Get outside of the studio and bring your teaching to the people. Many companies avidly promote balance for their employees and will often be very interested in setting up classes for lunch hours or after work hours. Corporate yoga classes typically pay very well, and are easy to find if you ask the right people. In order to grab these lucrative opportunities, reach out to friends and family members that work for companies big and small to offer up your services. Do keep in mind that you may have to follow up with the company for some time before getting a yoga program started but these opportunities are worth the wait as you can often convert several of the employees into private clients as well.

5. Freelance Writing

If you have a passion for the written word you can turn to freelance writing opportunities. Seeking out sites like Upwork.com, Freelancer, and even Craigslist for writing opportunities. These opportunities are great because you can work on your assignment between classes, so you don’t have to choose between picking up a class and a writing assignment. Freelance writing is great for the simple fact that you already have in-demand knowledge. You can write for the health and wellness-focused publications and articles, or any other topic that you may be an expert in.

6. Social Media

Making money off of Facebook and Instagram may seem difficult, but it can be done with some hard work. Creating a brand that represents you and building an active and engaged following will make you desirable to brands. Not to mention having a strong social presence will help you become recognized as an expert which can lead to more teaching opportunities and bigger partnerships with brands that pay for posts.

7. Become Certified In Multiple Wellness Areas

Once you become a teacher and have been teaching for a while, elements of yoga will become even more of interest to you. Becoming certified in Reiki, Acupuncture, Holistic Healing, Massage, and Nutrition is a great way to add a stream of income to your life. These complimentary practices allow you to generate multiple income streams in the wellness world and help you provide a more well-rounded service to your students on and off the mat. You can offer these services as one-offs, workshops, or even private services.

8. Become Certified In Another Style Of Fitness

As a yoga teacher, you know your students need a balance between strength and flexibility! What better way to do that than to teach another form of fitness. Whether you go towards spin classes, pilates, boxing, HIIT Workouts, or anything in between you have the opportunity to earn even more. This option definitely requires an investment and some extra time on your part, but it can prove to be very lucrative as many students may not think they can do other forms of fitness and you have the opportunity to introduce non-yogis to yoga and athletes to the flexibility their bodies need.

9. Youtube/Vimeo

These online video platforms allow you to post videos that you can monetize and charge for viewing. Even charging a small amount can add up to a decent amount of side income. Creating videos where you break down yoga postures, share sequences, flows, day in the lifestyle videos and so much more, gives a broader audience the opportunity to find out about who you are and what you do. While you may not make a lot of money from this, you can gain enough recognition to benefit you in many other ways.

10. Get To Work For A Fitness Clothing Store

While this option can be very time consuming, you can make a good living off of a part-time position at stores like Lululemon and Athleta. While these are two major brands, there are plenty of other retail shops that focus on athletic wear and athleisure wear. A major bonus of these jobs is that you typically can take fitness classes for free or very minimal cost and you can purchase the yoga clothes you love for a deeply discounted price. Working in these stores also gives you the opportunity to connect with people that may become potential students! When it comes to making money as a yoga teacher, you simply need to get creative. You can’t and shouldn’t rely only on your classes for income and should seek out opportunities to earn more when you can, where you can.