Edit Your Yoga Poses

Editing Yoga Pose Information

This is where you can create default information about a specific pose.

  • Change the yoga position name.
  • Enter detailed position instructions and movement notes.
  • Enter comments or analogies you want to voice at a specific stage in the class.
  • Assign a pose experience level.
  • Re-categorize where the position is located in the pose pallet.

Important: Once you have edited the pose information you never have to do it again.

Drag and Drop Your Poses

On your left, you have a pose pallet with all your yoga posture images. Simply select the one you wish to add and drag it onto the canvas to your right.

Once all the poses have been moved to the canvas you can rearrange, swap poses to create any sequence needed and add description or transition comments for as few or as many poses as you wish.

Save and Print Class Plans

Save and Print Class Plans

Save your work and access it again 1 week, 6 months or 5 years from now.

Regarding print options, we included some flexibility regarding what information you can display in your printout. You can add or remove any of the following elements:

  • Yoga position images (the silhouettes)
  • Yoga pose names (English and Sanskrit)
  • You also have the option to print out any comments you made about a specific poses.

We know some teachers want just the sequence of positions printed where others like names, images and notes. It’s completely up to you.

Search Over 750+ Shared Class Plans

Save and Print Class Plans

Search a database of previously written lesson plans and select one appropriate for today’s or this evening’s class.

  • Display all beginner level classes written in last 30 days and where keyword “lower back” is found.
  • Display all advanced level classes where class duration was 90 minutes.
  • Show me a list of class plans I wrote for private student “Hilary Ryan”.
  • Show me class plans other teachers have written where the level assigned was beginner and where keyword “evening class” is found.